My daughter used to only look at picture books. After only a few weeks of participating in The B.E.A.R.® program, her enthusiasm grew! She looked forward to reading every day. I think The B.E.A.R.® program is a wonderful idea!
Camelio M., Parent of First Grade Student
Glendale, NY

The BEAR program not only encourages the students to read, but it bridges the literacy gap between home and school which fosters the parent teacher partnership!
Kristin A., First Grade Teacher
Long Island, NY

My son would wake up at 5:30am, take a book, and read until I got up at 6:30am. At night he would tell me at 7:00pm that he was going to bed to read and stay up reading until about 8:30pm! He absolutely loves to read and shares every detail of each book with us! He went from reading one book a day to three or four books each day. In no time, he was on to chapter books! Thank you, B.E.A.R.®!
Michael & Sue C., Parents of First Grade Student
Middle Village, NY

The B.E.A.R.® program encouraged the most hesitant readers. Whether they read one book or ten, they knew that they were going to be praised from their fellow classmates as well as from me!
Christine G., First Grade Teacher
Brooklyn, NY

My daughter would make sure she’d read quite a few books a month to complete her B.E.A.R.® Log. Her enthusiasm, ability, and excitement have all increased, and she reads constantly now!
Melissa G., Parent of Kindergarten Student
Maspeth, NY

As soon as he finishes a book, we have to record it right on the B.E.A.R.® log. Not only has it helped his reading ability, but he has become more responsible!
Joann S., Parent of Second Grade Student
Ridgewood, NY

At the beginning of the school year she enjoyed reading short books. As the year progressed she started to become interested in longer books and moved on to chapter books.
Rosanna G., NY, Parent of First Grade Student
Maspeth, NY

After only a few months of implementing the program, my first grade students were ready for chapter books! I couldn’t keep up with them!
Christina H., First Grade Teacher
Westchester, NY

My daughter used to need a lot of supervision and assistance while reading. As each week passed, she became more excited and committed to reading every day and loved filling out her log!
Annette H., Parent of First Grade Student
Ridgewood, NY

My son became more enthusiastic about reading. His reading abilities increased to a higher level. In just a short time he was able to read and comprehend books that were appropriate for older children. He especially looked forward to receiving his B.E.A.R.® certificate at the end of each month.
Iris E., Parent of First Grade Student
Brooklyn, NY

After a few weeks the improvement in my students’ oral reading was unbelievable. Not only did their fluency, vocabulary and strategies improve, but their confidence grew!
Emmie E., Kindergarten Teacher
Ridgewood, NY

My daughter used to only read a book or two during the weekends. Once B.E.A.R.® began, she read every day – even in the morning before school! Our trips to the library have increased as well! I see her smiling or laughing as she reads which puts a smile on my face, too.
Maria. M, Parent of Second Grade Student
New York, NY

She never wanted to read at night, and I always had to read to her. As she got more involved in the program, she would be the one bringing me books to read!
Maria L., Parent of First Grade Student
Ridgewood, NY

Before the month was over my students would start reminding me to get their certificates ready!
Joann G., First Grade Teacher
Brooklyn, NY

I would say the B.E.A.R program is perfect! My son reads lots of books and is not scared to try more challenging ones.
Gina C., Parent of First Grade Student

I looked forward to Mondays because my students would be so excited to turn in their bear log and put a sticker on the chart!
Lisa H., Kindergarten Teacher
Brooklyn, NY

It was truly enjoyable to see the progress as each week passed by. By the time the end of the school year came, the B.E.A.R.® folders were overflowing!
Kerri L., Second Grade Teacher
Ridgewood, NY

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