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Teachers and parents around the world share a common goal, and that is to get their children excited and enthusiastic about reading. The way to accomplish this is to share with them, at a very early age, the joy of reading and the delights derived from a book filled with mystery, fun and adventure...whatever captures their imagination.

Books have made lasting impressions on most of us. I am sure that somewhere in your earliest recollections, there is a pleasant memory related to a favorite book. It may be a particular illustration that left its impression, an emotional response to an early childhood story or the smell and feel of the book...all making a connection deep within. Beyond the story itself, is the reader. Who read it to us? That special time spent with a special someone can make us feel "warm and fuzzy" still....all from a wonderful book.

Children are almost instinctively attracted to colorful books. They discover a new source and dimension of excitement long before they master the skills of reading. We at The B.E.A.R.® Company (Be Excited About Reading) believe that the foundation for literacy should be formed very early on, before formal school age, and later on, should be reinforced by solid home-school interaction.

It is our sincere desire and firm intention to promote literacy by making the reading experience an enjoyable one, and thereby allow the child's reading skills to develop smoothly and naturally in the process.

Our Mission

B.E.A.R.®'s mission is to foster and enhance a child's lifelong love of reading. The B.E.A.R.® Company has developed a reading incentive program which accomplishes this goal using innovative educational products. The B.E.A.R.® Program, which was designed by a classroom teacher, has been successfully implemented in schools for over ten years, and the results are truly wonderful! We know that our system will promote literacy by assisting educators, along with parents, in generating enthusiasm and excitement for the young reader in the classroom as well as in the home where the child receives additional praise and encouragement.

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